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A wheelchair may be needed by a disabled person in many situations, but you can never know whether it will be available for the person when he needs it the most. Hence the best option is always to go for portable wheelchairs you can easily carry with yourself. Portable wheelchairs come in both electric and manual models, and can be carried easily after folding.

Portable wheelchairs are customized, and once the person does not need it, it can be folded and kept aside. As a result, it saves space within your home. The need for foldable wheelchairs has led most manufacturers to produce at least one or two models of portable wheelchair. There are various types of wheelchairs that can be folded and/or transported easily. Some models disassemble for transportation into four or five sections.

It is the power wheelchairs that mostly disassemble for transportation purposes. The manual wheelchairs simply fold and narrow down in width to fit in a particular place. The portable option has helped people travel with much less stress. Now, it hardly matters whether you have found the wheelchair or other carrying aid in hospitals or airports for your elderly or patient because you can take the chair with you and unfold it wherever necessary.

These portable wheelchairs are also called transport chairs, and sometimes lightweight wheelchairs. Let’s have a look at the various models of portable wheelchairs.

Invacare IVC Transport wheelchair:

This wheelchair has been designed for an efficient and safe ride. This is a compact and very lightweight wheelchair. It has a low maintenance and durable chair made of a chrome-plated carbon steel frame. The upholstery is resistant to mildew and other bacteria. It is available in 18 and 16 inch seat width. The fold-down option makes storage easy within homes.

The Comet 330 Lightweight Transport:

A super lightweight, yet durable wheelchair that folds with ease for transportation. The weight of the chair is just 22 lbs. That means you can even carry it in your hands for short distances. Unfolding it takes just a moment, and the chair is ready for use. The ground clearance is 20″ and the seat widths are 19″ and 16″. The weight capacity of the wheelchair is 275lbs. Indeed, a good choice for travel lovers!

Drive Medical Wrangler II wheelchair:

A very attractive wheelchair that comes in blue and silver colors. The back of the product folds easily for transportation and storage purposes. There are swing away footrests, and 8″ casters at the rear and front. This low price Download scrapebox free  portable  chair has some other features too that you usually find in the expensive models.

To know more about wheelchairs that are portable, especially portable electric wheelchairs, you can surf the internet. The distributors maintain websites where you will find all information related to portable wheelchairs. They offer many discounts as well, and let you know all prominent facilities of the wheelchairs and their differences from others.

Quickie Wheelchairs For Mobility

If you are not able to walk and move properly due to any disability, and are looking for purchasing a wheelchair that can help you increase your mobility, Quickie Wheelchairs can be a good choice, and you are almost sure to find a wheelchair from the huge range provided by Quickie.

Quickie offers some of the best quality, maximum performing, most flexible, easily transferable, and most-enduring wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are available in the market at the most-affordable prices. Quickie always tries to accommodate the customer’s requirements by their online product line. They always want to get full customer’s satisfaction providing them a comprehensive line of products for instant shipment.

The main advantage of choosing the Quickie Wheelchairs is that the user-friendly Quickie Wheelchairs offer an outstanding overall value for those people whose mobility is affected. Quickie Wheelchairs are also supposed the best tools for those disabled people who have a deep desire to roam and enjoy outside the home such as parks, restaurants, and malls.

There are various models of Quickie Wheelchairs in the market today. The models of Quickie Wheelchairs offered by Sunrise Medical have an exceptional quality and performance, and are being used by many disabled people throughout the world. The Quickie brand of Sunrise Medical signifies an extensive tradition of modernization in the wheelchair technology.

Some Quickie Wheelchairs models offered by Sunrise Medical are Quickie IRIS, Zippie IRIS, Zippies TS, Zippie GS, Quickie 2, Quickie 2HP, Quickie Kidz, Quickie Revolution, Breezy Ultra 4, Quickie M6, and Quickie LX.

Quickie Intelligent Rotation In Space (IRIS) includes dual pivot point, fixed pivot point, or linear element. With the help of this feature, users can rotate its seat-frame around their center-of-gravity. The combined feature of posterior rotation of 60 degree and hi-resolution adjustment helps in controlling, maneuverability, and stability. The price of this model is about $2,900,

The exceptional feature of the Zippie GS is that it can be easily extendable without using new parts. Therefore, when a kid matures, the Zippie GS grows with him. The Zippie GS allows an extensive range of seat depth, width, and additional key aligning accommodations, two-sided wheel configuration, a completely new comprehensive axle plate, and modern side frames. This model also has more stability and flexibility. The weight of this model is 25lbs.

The Quickie LX offers various kinds of features and alternatives that meet many requirements. This wheelchair is lightweight, and can be folded down manually. The exceptional features of this model are adjustable back height, flip-back armrests, and outstanding black components. This model is available on the market at the price of about $1,400, and the weight of this wheelchair is 28lbs.

These different kinds of models of Quickie Wheelchairs can easily meet your all requirements. The high-tech and modern designs and highest possible performance of the Quickie Wheelchairs give you the chance to adjust in any environment. Take time to research some of the many models available from Quickie before choosing one to suit your needs.

In the office or home, if the disabled person still work in front of the computer, they should use comfortable computer chair while working, these chairs can help them reduce back pain and neck pain.

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