Four Best Magento Extensions for Bloggers and Marketers

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October 1, 2016 world news No comments

Magento is world’s most popular and innovative e-commerce solution provider; it is backed by 66,000 open-source app and extension developers worldwide. Magento provides exclusive Business to Business and Business to Consumer solutions online to the world’s top websites and industries. Magento is truly a champion of WordPress extensions, applications, on-demand online software solutions, and all of the business tools necessary for a successful venture. Here are the most popular Magento extensions and add-ons for social entrepreneurs, people in business, developers, e-commerce, and SEO gurus from all over the world.

Bronto Marketing Tool:

Bronto is a leader in email marketing; it allows sellers to drive the email traffic to the buyers with a history of purchase, their order details, packages related to their last orders, and special discounts if available for customers this time. It analyzes all the history of the seller with the buyer and creates an original data sheet with a perfect email to attract a buyer for selling the product again from the seller. Bronto is a champion when it comes to targeted email marketing in bulk.


Google Tag Manager:

Magento’s GTM is world’s best integration that assimilates all of your Google accounts data into a single account, a most deserving one to be added in most popular Magento Extensions You can also hire some of the most pauplor Los Angeles Magento Developer to add extensions if you do not have enough knowledge to add it your own. It needs to be opened once with a password and username, and Google Tag Manager automates the rest. One of the most convenient tools for e-commerce, GTM connects google analytics, Adwords, and campaign accounts into a single one. It shows existing and new visitors making it convenient for a marketer to choose the targeted audience and area.

Magento XML Sitemap:

It is a must-install app for WordPress and Blogger developer.

Seo optimizer

A sitemap is a compulsory part of your website, and there is none any better than Magento in providing a flawless XML Sitemap tool. Cyber Solution LLC is one of the best company that develop Magento e-commerce store. It allows the user to add multiple sitemaps, if you are running a large e-commerce store, it is for you. The sitemap add-on is opensource, so there is room for bugs, and their solutions plus it keep on improving every single day with user-friendly interface and smooth installation.

MageWorx SEO Suite:
The most hardworking guys on the internet, the SEO guys facebook are most deserving of an extension like Magento SEO. All they care about is getting their post or product on the first page of Google search results. The MageWorx SEO Suite Ultimate is an ultimate savior that performs a real-time On-page SEO of your website according to google’s terms and conditions and proven methods of page rankings.
Some other useful extensions by Magento are Zendesk, a customer support extension, Yotpo with robust SEO suggestions for the developer, and Social Media Plugin by Magento.

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