YouTube Money Red WILL FAIL

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October 8, 2016 Money No comments

For YouTube Red what I got is basically going to tell you right now. If I get free videos and yes I noticed a little bit faster also, I can save my videos and songs prescription is able to play your music in the background . Meaning that if you’re on a different tablet or you still hearing music similar to Pandora Pandora for, everyone but if you want to pay for Pandora Radio :then you get ad-free experience of Pandora radio .You give you a listen to your Pandora radio with the screen turned, off or you’re on a different app so it’s nothing new it’s nothing new it’s been around their website other websites like their music store Pandora radio uses a video.


On their website it’s not going to change it’s going to be a bonus thing that you don’t want to watch ads is Google Play music, is going to be included at no additional cost so yes so now the emergence of Google Play music subscription .YouTube Red subscription one thing or the other Casino odds on that video that specially, if you have like your kids are watching YouTube videos they’re going to love that music unlimited music actually charge you till after 30 days even though you have to have a PayPal account on file for your credit card on file .

They’re not going to charge it till after 30 days so during that three-day period canceled and they’re not going, to charge you if you don’t like it don’t want to pay for YouTube Raider . I worried though I did find out that YouTube raps that say and they’re doing” this by the way description to make more money is the smallest people in the world every year youtube account money calculator Cesspool companies in history so I’m not too worried but the first 30 days am I going to still get paid. I’m still going according to the news they’re going to use the, Google Play music subscription money and they’re still going, to know they’re going to craters with that they’re going to share it I recapped everything.


I just told you had free videos watch videos without interruptions, but save offline by the way if you’re interested in more information about this website I’m on right now songs offline background play Google play music subscription is included at no additional cost .Unlimited music YouTube videos that you have to pay to view such ,as I know .I’m actually on YouTube UCLA probably the first page video ,they don’t watch the whole thing and being implemented as much money off of their videos . I know that sounds kind of like I said supporting :cells get Compton coming out improve their content and just overall be able; to live now but there are a ton of YouTubers out there who don’t have subscribers . They really rely on getting the most support, in the most money really” out of their content in out of the viewers to be able to support their channels contact with somebody who spends money on.

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