How to do a SWOT Analysis of a Company

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Every business requires advanced and innovative tools and ideas to analyze the overall strength and weak spots. There are many sources to get such information. SWOT Analysis is one of the most well-known tools and operations that are conducted for documenting internal “S” strengths and “W” weaknesses and external “O” opportunities and “T” threats, which typically makes it abbreviated to SWOT. This information can be used with the aim to achieve set targets as quickly and efficiently as possible. Do you want to know how to do a SWOT Analysis? If so, then the following is exactly what you are looking for; clarified step by step.

1.   Objective of SWOT Analysis

Prior to starting the SWOT Analysis, you should decide what the objective of the analysis is. For example, you are conducting analysis to help you ensure about the launch of a product or service or improve any operational process.

2.   Research (Business, Industry and Market)
The next thing you need to do before starting the analysis, is research on own business, industry as well as market with the aim to understand it clearly. To help yourself additionally, you must talk to your business partners, clients and staff about their perspectives. Lastly, perform a little market research on your competitors.
3.   Business’s Strengths
The first step of the analysis is to list all of the strong spots of your business such as strengths relating to employees, business location, financial resources, competitiveness and cost advantages.
4.   Business’s Weakness
The second step of the SWOT analysis is to list a set of things that are considered to be weaknesses of the business such as things that are missing or disadvantages to clients, staff or other important things. Weaknesses include staff absenteeism, declining market share, a lack of intellectual property, distance to market and an absence of new products or clients.
5.   Business’s Opportunities
In this step you are supposed to think about possible external opportunities for the growth of your business.
6.   Business’s Threats
List all of the external factors that are possible threats to your business, which can result in a problem, danger or any other cause.
7.   Classification
After arranging these four lists, the next thing you need to do is to arrange them on the basis of priority. Moreover, you can also get a better idea by reading in-depth business study notes about SWOT classification.
8.   Strategy Development
Eventually the last thing to do is to develop an effective strategy to overcome certain issues based on the classification.
So this is how to do a SWOT Analysis. If you want to read it further with additional examples and factors, then business study notes are the best source to do so. To a business enthusiast, notes are the most important factor that can get great remarks and perfect outcomes.


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