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Help you increase your ranking in- local Google search pressure competition so stick .I’m going to be conducting a ,website on it for a friend named Ernesto is a mental health- professional in private practice in Southern California ,and taking a look at his on-page SEO . giving him feedback on his website California Altura Vista. Org this was also going to act as a case study: for an experiment that I’m doing with structured data and the implementation of schema markup on the website. I’m going to implement schema markup on the website” and take a look at how the website increases in Google search over the coming months.

rank website with on page seo

I’ve created, a PDF checklist with the 9 steps that we’re going to be covering. and if you like to download it and print it out and follow along all you have to do is just click the link below in the description .Without further Ado let’s go over the computer and we started, So here is our report is the current rankings for California Alta Vista stumbleupon . The date is April 19th 2016 have done no work .we’re just going to record what its current rankings are in motion strategies and see how it therapist: Huntington Beach Police 70 couples therapy Huntington Beach number 55 marriage” therapist Huntington Beach number 74 counseling Huntington Beach number 20 counseling –

Beach CA and 421 so this pinpoint, here shows T-Mobile prepay and right now California Alta vista.Com is not drinking anymore for any of these .we’re going to start working and implementing some strategies rankings to increase .This is an outline the different things to cover, in this video to focus strictly On-Page SEO Course, there’s something else called off Page search engine- optimization as well which includes -things like social or back linking or different things, that take place on other properties on the :web not on your website but for the purposes of this over to focus only on employment or website. I’m just really quick and then we will break off and actually showed up so the first thing is” title and description is going to show you how to optimize interquartile prescriptions for your pages and posts in.

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Going for different keywords that will help you rank- within local Google search well so you have to upload an XML sitemap, to Google webmaster Tools in Google console social how to connect your social properties for your business via an SEO plugin tustemo  that is made by Yost and talk about content and the ways- that you are a test and even though .she appear on your website SEO friendly urls . Including q words without keyword, stuffing with those URLs outbound links inbound links image -all tags Illuminating structured data which is your schema “markup and explain what that is how to do it social share buttons with an incentive” this is kind of a creative way to be able to get more people to share your, website URL on their social media sites .

keywords sprinkled throughout your website hosting on long tail keywords, and also your slow time debugging recover the plugins -but add new and search for yoast SEO yoast while .

We get there so just as CEO and then we’ll click install now I already installed it on this website -that’s why it’s showing installed but you want redirected you too many times. to push this button it says install now and then once it’s installed on your website it will appear on the left side and these are all, the different options that you can use within ,the us through the pages I change the title and -description on the homepage this is going to be here.

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