Lean and Understanding WordPress Themes Complete

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We’re going to be learning all about themes, so WordPress themes what they are how they work how to install them where to get them theme documentation super exciting stuff.

Let’s get to it so as you can see here on this dummy website this is not my real website, by the way, a real website is Tyler dash more.com but on; this website; once you install WordPress you’re going to see this default theme now what is a theme the theme is the design of your website but it’s actually more than that it’s also the functionality of your website.

Basic step by step for theme wordpress

top wordpress free theme

I know it sounds like little might be a little confusing but for example on this theme it functions in a certain way where if you click this the search comes up that’s pretty cool that’s the way your website functions but it’s also this design right here.

where this menu right here is positioned and how you have laid out text right here and this bottom what it’s the design a website and also how the website functions, for example,

you can buy themes with shopping carts built-in them or contact forms built in them so it’s a design plus a little bit of function so it becomes much clearer .

if we can our theme options so I’m just going to login here and what we can do over here is we can click appearance and; let me just open up another window.You can see the things changing alright so we go to appearance and then header now not all themes have this option this is unique to this theme so this is unique to the twenty thirteen theme .

Best Plugin for wordpress

What we can do here is we see that the theme looks like this and we can actually click on this and this pattern right here, and press save changes and we can refresh and we see that the theme has actually change so these are different theme options and it has a few more theme options like removing the header altogether which is up here to remove this or changing the colors or choosing an image so there’s a few different theme options but like best WordPress themes i said before every theme is different for example. if we click this customized right here other themes don’t have this customized option .

This is unique to this theme so let’s click on customize and what we can do here for this theme is just click this and change the different colors here so each theme has different theme options that’s that’s one of the first things that I want you to get in your mind each team has different team options .

we can actually save and publish it up here and if we refresh this it will change its color to blue so that’s pretty cool but what I want to do is I want to install another theme so that you can see that each theme is

How to post in word press?

let’s go to install themes and let’s Click on featured so the featured themes all right and there’s
some cool different featured themes here let’s go to a good one one of my favorites the responsive theme so let’s just click the theme you just click on themes install themes and then you can search for whatever you want,

magines wordpress themes

but I click on feature and then just install now so installing themes is pretty simple Alright so once you click install now then you click activate all right. Now this theme is activated now let’s go to
our website and click refresh and we see that the theme is completely different we still have the same content.

But the front page is definitely changed, so everything is different now let’s go and check out this themes options.

 We see up if we click appearance then we can go to theme options see how that’s different than the last one we went to appearance and then we went to header or appearance and we want to customize so this is under appearance and theme options that’s where this theme can be controlled so we can do everything from breadcrumbs which means:

If you look up here and you click on sample page it will go home sample page that’s just this thing up here, or we could do the default layout so error establishing a Database connection maybe we don’t want we want there to we click Save options then we go back to our sample page and we refresh will see that there’s no sidebar now and now let’s go back to our theme options.

let’s go and edit the homepage a little bit by clicking on this homepage and we can check off this so it overrides the wordpress front homepage and we can put in a headline hello mr. Tyler and sub headline amazing website and some content; was put in there and we can call to action URL.

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