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PTCL speed test tool is one of the reliable online best tools that lets you check the internet speed. PTCL is the biggest and one of the leading telecom company in Pakistan that offers exceptional internet and landline phone service all over Pakistan. According to statistics, PTCL internet users have extended to 78%, which proves to be a high achievement. PTCL offers customers satisfaction along with new technologies. With the advancement and innovation in technology, PTCL customers are increasing day by day.
For the satisfaction of customers, PTCL has introduced an online internet speed-checking tool. The PTCL speed test tool allows user to check the uploading as well as downloading speed. PTCL has eliminated the consequences with the speed test tool when customers have to contact the service repeatedly. Get to know the content responsible for PTCL speed test tool.
As soon as you visit the official website of PTCL speed test tool, you will see the Start Test button. After clicking the button, the tool will check first thing is latency. Latency is the time, which a network takes to connect to the host and returns request to system. Milliseconds is the unit of latency. However, role of latency is important as downloading speed, which leaves an enormous impact on the connection speed. Fastest internet speed depicts less time of latency.

Downloading Speed
Downloading speed tells how fast you have retrieved the data from main server computer. Unit used for downloading speed is Megabytes per second. The downloading speed relies on internet connection, which means fast internet connection lets you enjoy fast and amazing downloading speed. When you watch online videos or stream songs, server is downloading data, which depends on the broadband provider. PTCL speed test tool lets you check good downloading speed.
Uploading speed
Uploading speed also depends on the speed of the internet connection. Sending an email or attached files means that you are uploading the content to email server. Remember that uploading speed is slower than downloading speed, which is measured in Mbps.

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Speed Meter
While testing the internet speed with PTCL speed test tool, the result will be shown on the speed meter. Speed meter is simple and easy to use. The novice users easily understand the results, which works optimally like standard meter. Speed meter shows the uploading as well as downloading speed respectively.
Connection Graph
It is important to understand the fluctuation of internet connection. PTCL speed test tool also owns the graph of connection. Connection graph is present alongside the speed meter. Connection graph lets you understand the ups and down of connection. The internet connection graph shows fluctuations of speed. However, the speed of internet does not remain constant and may change at any moment.
All of the PTCL users may check the internet speed with PTCL speed test tool available free online. Now people in Pakistan will not complain about slow internet connection because they can quickly fix the issue or find the problem through PTCL speed test tool.

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