The dos and don’t of no show socks

No show socks have become much more prevalent today over the option to go sockless. No-show socks have become a growing trend because they allow the wearer to embrace their own personal hygiene and prevent their feet from sweating into their shoes. The no-show sock also delivers the same comfort as going barefoot and it does not show above even low-profile shoes.

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Throughout the warmer months, grabbing a pair of these socks can be an excellent way that you can wear your favorite pair of sneakers without having moisture excreted into them and the smell of damp footwear.

Our feet have roughly 250,000 sweat glands and it easy for us to excrete more than half a pint of sweat into our shoes every day. It easy to ruin a pair of shoes if we are not wearing a good pair of socks to act as a barrier.

No-show socks sit …

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