Subscription Box Crates Popularity Is Astounding

Main order subscription crates are quite the trend. Lately you cannot browse the internet without finding a new and innovative crate that will meet your individual needs. In case you don’t know what, these are we’ll go into a little bit of detail.

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There are mail order crates that are specific to meet consumer needs. Each crate is a small box, some are about the size of a shoe box and some are a bit larger in size. You can sign up for a monthly subscription to your crate of choice. So, you can have your package delivered monthly for a year or every other month for a year; this gives you 6 crates in a year. If you just want to try out a crate and not make a lasting commitment then you can order a one-time crate or send one as a gift to a friend or family member.

Now that you know what a crate is you might be wondering what is inside of the crate. The sky is literally the limit when it comes to these subscription crates. There are pet specific ones that allow you to have chew toys and snacks for your dog or cat delivered monthly. There are crates designed for men that include shaving and beard styling products or jerky and snacks type of products. One popular crate is for foodies. These crates include foods and sauces as well as recipes and sometimes new kitchen tools. These are great to give as gifts if you are unsure of someone’s specific likes; everyone likes to eat right?

The consumer market most targeted for crates are women. The varieties of mail order crates for women stretch far beyond any other variety. These types of Women Crates are specific for individual needs. One popular type includes shaving and bath and body products. These are great because they give a variety of lotions and shaving gels as well as new types of razors specific for women’s needs. There are usually anywhere from five to ten items in each crate.

Don’t worry, crates for women stretch far beyond shaving supplies. In fact, they stretch into work out gear. Yes, you heard that right. There are crates that include work out leggings and tops as well as sweat bands and water bottles. You can sign up and receive a new work out outfit every month without ever having to go to a store and waste your time browsing the racks. Your size and specifics will be sent directly to your door.

If you want to try something other than workout wear and shaving and bath supplies you don’t have to look much further than your computer. You can sign up for make-up crates. These will give you smaller sized products at a fraction of the price. Rather than going to a department store and buying hundreds of dollars’ worth of designer make up you will get about five to ten pieces of high-end products in your monthly subscription box. These crates make fabulous gifts to treat yourself with or your loved ones.